Review Policy

Review Policy

First of all, thank you for considering me for a review of your book! It's a pleasure to be considered.

I am willing to accept requests for reviews as long as they fall within the genres that I prefer. Please give me at least four weeks notice to read the book, process it and then publish the review. I do intend to be honest so please don't assume that a review will necessarily be positive - not that I set out to be negative, but I will give my honest opinion.

Reading for me is a pastime, something to be enjoyed. This means that I may not be distant and objective when reading a book - I don't think that reading is something we should be distant and objective about! I will do my best to point out the flaws and the brilliant parts of every book I come across, though. I will also always finish a book that I have been requested to review, once I have accepted that request.

My preferred format is e-books as I can carry those with me easily on my Kobo. I will accept physical copies if necessary, though. You may contact me at my email address listed below if this is something that you would like to do :)

Preferred Genres:
- Science Fiction/Fantasy
- Young Adult
- Romance
- Paranormal

Other Genres Of Interest:

- Thrillers
- Historical fiction
- Mysteries



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