Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Reading Rush Recap

I just realized that I never did update on how The Reading Rush went for me!

So, basically I succeeded in reading two books:

1. The Secret Garden (this was a reread, and was for the challenge of reading a book set on a different continent)
2. The Book Thief (this was not a reread, and was for the challenge of reading a book with 'the' in the title).

Actually, I may have the challenges flipped, but you get the idea!

Reading The Secret Garden was really quite a nostalgic feeling, I was reminded quite strongly of why I enjoyed the book so much. It's not without its issues - racism is pretty blatant - but not unexpected for the time period that it was written in.

I also just really enjoyed the childlike wonder that was communicated through the pages, the joy and the appreciation of nature and the world in general.

The Book Thief was sadly not as good an experience. I kept waiting to be swept away by it (I posted the review earlier) and just wasn't. This was particularly disappointing for me because so many people gave this book glowing reviews, including a good friend of mine, and then my reaction was just 'meh'.

Ah well. There are always more books waiting to be read! I look forward to the next Reading Rush and hope it'll be sometime when I have more time to read.

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