Thursday, February 4, 2016

Book Haul - Illustrated Harry Potter and more!!

Okay so seriously, I wasn't planning on posting today, but then today I got the best mail of all... Book mail, of course!!

This all started due to one specific book that I saw on Book Outlet about a week or so ago, but I was good and restrained myself to only three! Pictures below... 

First up is The Forest Of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan. I've actually had my eye on this for awhile now, but it seemed like every time I checked the site it wasn't in stock, or some other reason prevented me from getting it. I finally have it, though, and I'm super excited to read it!

Next up is Ink And Bone by Rachel Caine. This one was actually on sale, I think? It's one that I've had my eye on, and it has pretty good reviews from people I trust on GR, too. Super excited to read this one as well, and oh god, you guys, look at that cover. It's delicious, and I love the feeling of it - it's not completely smooth, it's got a faint texture to it that makes it lovely to hold.

Then there's this, the highlight of my book mail today...

The Illustrated version of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone!!

I actually wanted to buy this book about two weeks ago, but it was $40, which seemed a bit much for my budget right now. (Let's not talk about how I've blown that budget on makeup and other goodies, mkay?) My friend suggested that I wait a week or two to decide if I really wanted it, and I decided that that was a good idea.

Well. My waiting paid off, because this ended up on Book Outlet for only $25.99. Why? Well, it was in their 'Scratch and Dent' section, where books are sold at a discount due to minor imperfections. Not gonna lie, I was kind of worried - but guys, all that's wrong with it is a tiny little rip in the book jacket at the top of the back cover. The book is flawless in every other way, and it's gorgeous. 

I am in love. 

I'd say that this book was definitely worth the money, and I'll likely be willing to spring for illustrated versions of the new books as they come out - either that or wait seven years and buy the inevitable set, I assume, haha. Definitely, definitely a must-have for any devoted HP fan, I think, and I'm so pleased with the way the artist depicted the world and the characters.

Now to avoid spending money for the next little while!

Have you guys bought anything recently? Let me know if you have and leave me links so I can check it out!

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