Saturday, January 2, 2016

Netgalley 2016 Reading Challenge

Ooh, now this is interesting.

I don't think that I'll sign up, mostly because I think that for me, doing galleys should be more about inspiration and a desire to read a book than about meeting a goal. That being said, for people who have galleys to read and review already, this might be a great motivator.

Personally, I love Netgalley - I've had so many great experiences through it, and I've even had a few authors approach me outside of it to ask for reviews, now. I've had a few great surprises, too - there's nothing quite like that moment when you open your inbox and see that approval for one of the most desired ARCs out there!

I have had a few where I haven't been able to finish them, or just didn't like them, and I feel bad when that happens. I think this is the one pitfall of requesting ARCs, that feeling of expectation or guilt in regards to what sort of response you're going to give.

I just thought I'd link this so that people can take a look and see the different types of blogs and reviewers that are connected through Netgalley - I think this challenge is great for people who are looking to get their ration up to that desired 80%, too. (I'm actually hovering at about 82% at the moment, and I'm quite pleased with myself!)

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